• SMART4D at URTeC Convention July 2017

    By Alex Giang on July 18, 2017

    United will be showcasing its advanced SMART4D Geosteering Application at the URTeC Convention in Austin, Texas, July 24-26. Please come and visit our president Rocky Mottahedeh at booth #432 to learn how our application can help you improve well placement and team collaboration. Our new version, SMART4D 3.19 has just been released, and we are excited to share our latest features with the industry!


    SMART4D is currently being used by large and small companies in the USA and Canada to remotely geosteer horizontal wells using a 3D model, automated WITSML connectivity and our multifaceted StratCORR® correlation tool. Its unique online well reporting system and integrated email distribution capabilities make it a one of a kind team collaboration tool.

    We welcome you to stop by our booth and demo the software while learning how United and SMART4D can assist you with your geosteering needs!

    URTEC Exhibit Floorplan


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  • AAPG ACE 2016

    By United Oil & Gas Consulting on June 2, 2016

    Please enjoy a free guest pass to AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition 2016 in Calgary, Alberta June 19-22 where United will be demonstrating our geosteering software SMART4D. Visit us in booth 1910. Come by and let’s chat!


    Free Guest Pass to AAPG ACE 2016


    Some of the features of SMART4D include:
    – Stratigraphic Correlation tool (StratCORR)
    – 3D modeling
    – 3D visualization
    – WITSML connectivity and real-time re-mapping

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  • Meet us at Geoconvention 2016

    By United Oil & Gas Consulting on March 4, 2016

    United will showcase its advanced SMART4D Geosteering Application in Calgary on March 7th-9th

    You are invited to visit us at the Geo-Convention at the Calgary Convention Centre at booth #550.

    In the past 15 years United has consistently managed to improve well placements in sweet spots while reducing doglegs and drilling issues. Producers can now run the Application for their geosteering teams and view active real-time geology and drilling for a better geosteering experience. You can check it out at or arrange for an in-house demo or a GoTo Meeting.

    SMART4D GraphicThe 3D models are easy to build and update on the fly, allowing you to forward model dip, thickness and properties ahead of the bit. While-drilling, a well-designed Target Planner measures DLS before setting targets in the newly 3D mapped sweet spot. Intuitive correlation tools and easy to read shared, live SMART4D Panels can be accessed from browsers (desktop and mobile) and Windows computers. AutomatedWITSML connectivity for streaming rig data saves time and team communication tools are built in. 3D Visualization, Imaging of Azimuthal data, dip calculation, seismic integration, and digitizers are some of the other features of the software.

    SMART4D is easy to learn, and in the past year United has accelerated R&D of the software. Clients love the feel of the software and what it does for them in several plays such as the Montney and the Permian. We welcome you to contact us to see how and why this must-have software can play an important role in your drilling optimization and efficiency.



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  • SMART4D Geosteering Software

    By United Oil & Gas Consulting on February 10, 2015

    United Oil & Gas Consulting is excited to announce the launch of SMART4D Geosteering Application.

    StratcorrWe promised to make this application available to you as your in-house tool of choice and we are now happy to provide it to the industry.

    This powerful user-friendly application allows you to model in 3D while-drilling and provides an efficient way to geosteer your wells in real-time. This method is superior to many 2D applications as it provides a geological perspective of the reservoir.

    Connecting to WITSML data will allow you to view and update the model as the MWD info streams in, to predict the drilling corridor ahead of the bit. This will help mitigate well placement risk and optimize well placements. This is also an excellent communication platform to ensure stakeholders are informed and are able to make decisions as the drill is progressing. This is Dynamic Intelligence!

    We are currently working hard to roll out the software to the industry. We invite you to visit to learn more about the application. Ask us for a demo, get ready to be wowed and prepare to lease or purchase this must-have tool!

    SMART4D Geosteering
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  • United’s geosteering reduces costs and increases geologists effeciency

    By United Oil & Gas Consulting on January 6, 2015

    Easy Monitoring

    The visualization and panels can be operated by our windows based application, use our website to monitor the wells while drilling through the internet. Our web-based publishing of the visualization of the path of the well enable geologist to monitor multiple wells at the same time and to make the necessary decisions.

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