United Geothermal

In March 2021, United Geothermal was established as a division of United Oil & Gas Consulting Ltd.

United Geothermal is able to provide geothermal prospectivity modelling and project management consultancy for operators and startups interested in maximizing the potential of their assets.


  • Determine potential of heat and electrical needs of a project area
  • Map regional geology, and historical data of geothermals
  • Review lands of interest and current wells with potential abandonment, available for retrofitting or repurposing
  • Create regional structure and temperature models; target zone selection for geothermals
  • Assessment of faults, fractures, porosity, permeability, storage and flow capacity for target formation
  • Formation evaluations leading to 3d lithology models and thermal conductivity evaluations
  • Design well plans for repurposed looping of horizontal and vertical wells
  • Conduct volumetric simulations of heat resource¬†
  • Assit with equipment selection and project economics
  • Provide geosteering services for optimal well placement