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To empower operationally oriented geoscience professionals geosteer in a team setting. Learn how to work proactively with a 3D geo-model, use WITSML live data, correlate landings and laterals, re-map in 3D while-drilling, auto-generate progs and generate reports on apparent dip, structure and gamm/porosity properties ahead of the surveys, set drilling targets dynamically and collaborate with stakeholders in real-time anywhere.

Course Content

One day model-based Geosteering Course:

  • How to initialize geo-models for setting up geosteering starting with G&G data loading
  • How to correlate with StartCORR and map structures, isopachs and property models
  • How to quickly generate Geostat model using automated 3D Kriging for real-time modelling while drilling
  • How to model and geosteer with all G&G data
  • Real-time Horizontal Panels & 3D visualization
  • WITSML Connectivity to servers
  • Setting up a team collaboration process through networks, the web, remote geosteering, auto-reporting
  • Case Studies

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