Rocky will be presenting at the CSPG Operations Division Talk on Wednesday September 26th at noon, it’s a bring your own lunch format.The topic is: Proactive Geosteering with 3D Geo-models: How Operations Teams Save on Capital and Improve Well Results  Rocky’s CSPG Operations Geology Divison Talk  Hopefully you can make it to the talk or send your team over.

Location: geoLOGIC Classroom – 540 – 5th Ave, +15 Level Aquitaine Tower, Calgary, AB
12:00 noon, September 26th, 2018

Case studies will illustrate how advanced processes in geo-modelling, correlation facilities, automated 3D kriging, WITSML rig data aggregation, team-collaboration & real-time web-reporting processes improve horizontal well placements and save capital for operators. Delivery of the SMART4D Application whether cloud based or in networks allows complete real-time access of shared earth model and related real-time panels and views for all stakeholders. This process saves time and resources for E&Ps. The 3D model based approach with over 1000 well’s experience is providing a path for consistent quality landings, lower doglegs, added formation accuracy, faster drilling, focused drilling in the sweet spots and less drilling issues. Apparent dip estimations extracted by the application and target planners that measure doglegs interactively when placed in the sweet spots ahead of the surveys reduce the actual doglegs.

Complex 3D model generation processes are simplified to single commands to re-generate structure maps, isopachs and property model in minutes. Operated by Geoscience professionals, the learning models become an integral part of their workflow, saving time in every aspect of their work for every well geosteered or upcoming well(s). The learning system panels cut through the driller plans with the updated structures and properties providing a view to the drill. Accurate placement also ensures that engineered wells in shale plays with multi-zone (bench drilling) potential are correctly placed for optimizing the completions and recovery.

There is a 25 year history of technology development behind SMART4D. It was developed to give an in-house technical advantage and was released in 2015 for E&Ps as a 3D mapping, modelling, well planning, geosteering, visualization & integration environment of G&G and drilling data. Team collaboration is the integral purpose in delivery of the real-time technology in networks and in the cloud. Field services companies also recognizing the power of the 3D process they can run from rigs or anywhere.

SMART4D’s responsive 3D models are updated after correlations (within 3-5 minutes), the drilling corridor ahead of the surveys is continually updated using all offset data, all of the time. Model sizes can be very small to hundreds of wells. A proprietary 3D kriging engine is the key here where multiple structures, isopachs and property models such as gamma and porosity can run simultaneously.

The application is a workhorse in allowing for geosteering of multiple wells in multiple plays simultaneously. The process has worked for a single operator with 8 rigs concurrently. The Operator reduced rig days by 18%. A number of KPI’s shared by clients will be presented and discussed.

The reservoir property models are also input for volumetric estimations and a Volumetric Sweep Mapping (VSM) simulator to model 3D drainage/footprint of horizontals in all resource types and fracs. at fraction of time of large simulators. All aimed at saving capital and de-risking of field development, the process has evolved from Heavy oil to Tight Oil & Shale plays with hundreds of wells