United Oil & Gas Consulting is excited to announce the launch of SMART4D Geosteering Application.

StratcorrWe promised to make this application available to you as your in-house tool of choice and we are now happy to provide it to the industry.

This powerful user-friendly application allows you to model in 3D while-drilling and provides an efficient way to geosteer your wells in real-time. This method is superior to many 2D applications as it provides a geological perspective of the reservoir.

Connecting to WITSML data will allow you to view and update the model as the MWD info streams in, to predict the drilling corridor ahead of the bit. This will help mitigate well placement risk and optimize well placements. This is also an excellent communication platform to ensure stakeholders are informed and are able to make decisions as the drill is progressing. This is Dynamic Intelligence!

We are currently working hard to roll out the software to the industry. We invite you to visit SMART4D.com to learn more about the application. Ask us for a demo, get ready to be wowed and prepare to lease or purchase this must-have tool!