Why SMART4D for Geosteering

SMART4D Geosteering Software

SMART4D is a top performing geosteering software, that uses 3D models and cutting-edge features to improve your wells.

Geosteering is the process of adjusting well placement while-drilling to improve overall well performance. Using the features of our Geosteering Software we have proven the ability to reduce drilling time, reduce dog-leg severity and increase well length in zone.

I have personally used it to successfully land and geosteer over 40 horizontal wells covering the Montney, Falher, Wilrich, Notikewan and Rock Creek formations. The 3D geomodelling feature inherent in SMART4D is a critical feature that sets it apart from it competitors.

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Dynamic Profile Features

Below are some of the key parts of the Dynamic Profile

  • A vertical cut through the property (gamma, porosity, etc) model along the well path
  • Measures the distance between survey and modelled surfaces
  • Displays the position of plans and actual surveys within the model
  • Predicts the expected property values (ex. API gamma) at any given point along the path

StratCORR Features

Below are some of the key parts of the StratCORR feature

  • Interpret live data and correlate with offset wells
  • Calculate apparent dip, adjust structures & isopachs
  • Recall saved correlations for reinterpretation & information retention
  • Gauge if correlations are reasonable representations of the 3D model
  • Multiple offset reference wells can be used for a single horizontal

The software is easy to use, allows us to visualize the wellpath in relation to the zone of interest, and provides us with a forward model; all of which help us make important decisions in a timely manner. Smart4D has provided us with another level of confidence when geosteering our wells.


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Additional Features

Model Dip Prognosis

  • Automated calculation of the apparent dip of the target formation
  • Updated apparent dip along trajectory and ahead of the bit

SMART Well Viewer

  • Monitor multiple horizontal wells
  • Ideal for team members interested in viewing wells without impacting interpretations

Web-based Reporting

  • Allows users outside of the database setting to view the wells position
  • Ability to upload drill plans, 3D models, maps, or any other files of importance to one location
  • Connect to WITSML

Azimuthal and Synthetic Wellbore Imaging

  • Live wellbore imaging using azimuthal gamma and resistivity tools to calculate dip
  • Create synthetic wellbore image of 3D property models

Seismic Image

  • Georeferencing of seismic image along well path
  • Assists with well planning & geosteering within target zone

Auto-Email Reporting

  • Auto-generated emails sent to custom distribution lists
  • Emails populated with user choice of data and snapshot of well profiles
  • Allows users to send any important files or messages to distribution list

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