What is WITSML?

What is WITSML?

WITSML is the acronym for well-site information transfer standard markup language. It is a standard for transmitting well-site data from the rig to different stakeholders in the oil and gas industry. WITSML allows for the drilling rig or offshore platform to communicate data to the producing oil company operating the rig and to other stakeholders.

United uses WITSML to acquire the data from the MWD and LWD tools that our clients use to monitor the drilling of their wells, it allows us to geosteer the wells with constant updates from the drilling rigs. Using WITSML as the engine for data retrieval it allows us to have seamless sharing of data from the drilling rig to our geosteering service and therefore we help you stay within your sweetspot.

WITSMLOur geosteering software is compatible with all major WITSML providers. These include:

  • Pason US and Canada
  • National Oilwell Varco (NOV).
  • Petrolink.
  • SDI RigGRID.
  • Baker Hughes WellLink.
  • Intellifield.


WITSML and WITS, not the same.

Both WITS and WITSML have been created to ease the flow of information and data from the well-site and rig to the parties interested in this data.  The drilling data transferred with Wellsite Information Transfer Specification (WITS) uses a binary file format for the transfer. This is different than the way that WITSML handles drilling data. WITSML is built for the 21st century and is web-enabled, taking the well-site into an era using modern technology.

More information

Resource for more information: http://www.energistics.org/drilling-completions-interventions/witsml-standards