SMART4D – Cost Reduction in Drilling Operations

At UNITED we are well aware of how operations geology teams are trying to reduce fixed and variable costs; in efforts to become more profitable. Better landings and good placement is expected at every well. SMART4D is designed to make this possible. 

The combination of services from UNITED and our software SMART4D provides the best 3D technology for well placement. Either through our services or leasing our software, we are working to make the wells outperform expectations and increase ROI. The results are great and we are proud to share some of them below.

A client of ours who is a Montney producer, has reduced their costs around 18% in the last 1½ years of using SMART4D as their geosteering solution. On other KPIs the client also achieved improvements such as, a 25% reduction in dog leg severity and 56% increase in formation accuracy.  These are major cost reductions in capital. This client is currently geosteering 8 wells at a time and hoping to go to 15 rigs, SMART4D is a critical part of the their while-drilling well placement solution.

The quality assurance process presented by our technology is reducing placement errors and improving the wells. In another project the client with well over 3 dozen wells is consistently getting the best wells (top percentile of expected early production range) since using SMART4D in a development play in the Permian.   

UNITED is proud to provide geosteering software solutions to our clients.

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SMART4D Geosteering Software makes you better equipped to more efficiently geosteer your wells in real-time using a robust 3D geological model that is updated while drilling to mitigate well placement risk and optimize well placement.

SMART4D 3D models use automated data collected through WITSML. The software successfully combines the real time geology interpretation changes while-drilling, leveraging directional driller tools and sensors to provide an optimal well placement solution in a 3D environment.