Geosteering, Geo-modelling and Reservoir Engineering Services and Software.

With a proven track record since 1991, United Oil & Gas Consulting has experience with Canadian, US, and International projects.

Using SMART4D geo-models United Oil & Gas Consulting integrates geology, petrophysical, seismic, and engineering data to make decision-making more effective. United’s technologies have increased production, improved recoveries and reduced risk for numerous oil fields for successive years.

3D characterization and visualization are cornerstones of effective resource development practices. United excels in this field with studies of the geological environment, characterizing the variability in 3D. We assess the in-place volumes, identify sweetspots in 3D, and plan wells.

SMART4D Geosteering allows you to align, anticipate, and act faster than other geosteering systems and services available today. This service helps you to mitigate well placement risk and optimize in zone placement, while reducing doglegs and tortuosity.


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At UNITED we have been developing geosteering and geomodeling software and technology for over 20 years. UNITED and SMART4D has been involved with over a 1000 horizontal wells, geosteering and providing consulting services for oil and gas exploration. SMART4D Geosteering Software has been developed to allow operators and exploration companies to geosteer their own wells.


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